Working with Sessions and User Authentication

Pecan provides no opinionated support for managing user sessions, but it’s easy to hook into your session framework of choice with minimal effort.

This article details best practices for integrating the popular session framework, Beaker, into your Pecan project.

Setting up Session Management

There are several approaches that can be taken to set up session management. One approach is WSGI middleware. Another is Pecan Pecan Hooks.

Here’s an example of wrapping your WSGI application with Beaker’s SessionMiddleware in your project’s

from pecan import conf, make_app
from beaker.middleware import SessionMiddleware
from test_project import model

app = make_app(
app = SessionMiddleware(app, conf.beaker)

And a corresponding dictionary in your configuration file.

beaker = {
    'session.key'           : 'sessionkey',
    'session.type'          : 'cookie',
    'session.validate_key'  : '05d2175d1090e31f42fa36e63b8d2aad',
    '__force_dict__'        : True