pecan.testing – Pecan Testing

The pecan.testing module includes fixtures to help test Pecan applications.

pecan.testing.load_test_app(config=None, **kwargs)

Used for functional tests where you need to test your literal application and its integration with the framework.

Parameters:config – Can be a dictionary containing configuration, a string which represents a (relative) configuration filename or None which will fallback to get the PECAN_CONFIG env variable.

returns a pecan.Pecan WSGI application wrapped in a webtest.TestApp instance.


app = load_test_app(‘path/to/some/’)

resp = app.get(‘/path/to/some/resource’).status_int assert resp.status_int == 200

resp =‘/path/to/some/resource’, params={‘param’: ‘value’}) assert resp.status_int == 302

Alternatively you could call load_test_app with no parameters if the environment variable is set

app = load_test_app()

resp = app.get('/path/to/some/resource').status_int
assert resp.status_int == 200

When tests alter application configurations they can get sticky and pollute other tests that might rely on a pristine configuration. This helper will reset the config by overwriting it with pecan.configuration.DEFAULT.